The trip that we took to Poland was absolutely amazing. I thought it was just going to be a low-key trip with a few colleagues, but work really went all in for this. Not only did they pay for the entire trip (including fancy cabins on the boat, and one cabin each so we didn't have to share), they also hired a guide who had studied Swedish and worked for a company that often had trips for our customers, and they also paid for everything we did in Poland. Lunch, coffee, beer tasting, you name it. It was an absolutely amazing day, which we ended at the shopping mall Riviera in Gdynia and where I was able to get my Costa Coffee (it had been waaay too long, since we don't have Costa here in Sweden). I also bought three caramel shortbreads (my favorite cakes) with me back to Sweden, hehe. 
When we came back I just worked pretty much the entire weekend, one shift on Friday, one on Saturday and then a double shift on Sunday. Not the most exciting weekend, but that's what a girl's gotta do if she wants money haha. It was a bit busy, what with it being the weekend and all but I managed to survive. Barely.
Today I had the day off from work, which was super nice. I went to see my "therapist" this morning, and then I just came back home and relaxed all day. She says I need to learn how to do that, relax. It's not easy for someone who's mind is constantly working at full speed, but I guess it's for the best. She also wants me to write down three good things that I do until next time, because apparently I also put too much pressure on myself and never enough credit. Let's see how that goes... 
Be kind and love yourself. See you next post.


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