Everyone who knows me will be able to figure out what I will write about now. It's something I have been bullied and pushed down for, but for which I have used that hatred to only grow stronger in my beliefs and outrage. I am not, and never will be, ashamed to shout it to the world: I AM A FEMINIST.
There are many different kinds of feminists, almost as many as the people who are feminist. Everyone interprets this word differently and will display it according to their personality. If I would try and describe the type I am, the easiest way would be to compare it to a full-time job. Whether I like it or not, I sometimes feel as though I have an obligation to educate and spread the word until no one would have to state their stand, because feminism would be the norm, the only acceptable way of thinking about certain issues. 
For now, I will not go off on a feminist rant, because I'm honestly too tired from work to even think straight. But feminism is something that will shine through in most things I do in everyday life, whether it be writing or just walking down the street. And it is the one constant thing in my life that I will ALWAYS feel strongly about. 


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