At the moment, I do not have a role model or an inspiration in life. I have a few people that I look up to, of course, and friends who have helped me go above and beyond my wildest dreams, but I wouldn't say that they inspire me in that way. I have, however, started getting very inspired by myself.
Now, before anyone labels me as self-absorbed, just hear me out. I used to think that there was absolutely nothing in the entire world that I was good at. I felt mediocre at most things and never thought of myself as anyone special. But recently I have started surprising myself by doing more than I thought I was capable of and becoming better and more confident in a number of things. I landed myself a job (all by myself), I work more than full-time (I didn't even know I would be able to handle full-time) and I've pushed myself way past any limits I thought I was capable of. Without even realising it, I became the hero that saved myself from something that I didn't even know I needed saving from. And I think every person is able to be their own superhero, at least for a while. 


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