1. Chewing with your mouth open

I hate when people don’t have the decency to close their mouth while chewing. We are not living in caves anymore, we have developed for fuck’s sake. I don’t want to hear the process of you digesting your food and I definitely don’t want to see it either.


2. Knuckle cracking

I might actually hate this even more than the open-mouth-chewing. This pet peeve isn’t even like an “urgh it’s an annoying habit people have”, this is a full on “I feel sick to my stomach when I hear that awful sound”-feeling. And it’s not just the knuckles, it’s when people crack their necks, their backs, their everything. If you ever meet me in person, just remember that if you crack any body part in front of me, I might punch you in the face.


3. Anti-feminists

There’s just something about the people who so eagerly want to tell everyone that they’re against equality that really ticks me off. It’s either ignorant people who have no fucking clue what feminism’s all about, or men who are so privileged that equality feels like oppression to them. People are allowed to have different opinions, of course, but I do not tolerate when someone’s opinion results in the oppression of a group of people who have done nothing to deserve it. 


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