I have decided to not continue the #LoveMeChallenge due to personal reasons. I still feel like I have gained a lot of insight of how much I need to appreciate myself if I want to get anywhere in life, and that my main priority should be me. I will continue looking for another fun challenge that I can do, maybe a reading challenge because I seriously LOVE books.

What I don't love is my life challenges right now. I know that sounds cheesy, but the way that life is playing dodgeball with me and my problems at the moment is really tiring me out and I don't know how much longer I can stay in the game. My exams are coming up soon (oh joy) and I am currently in the search for a job so that I will actually have something to do with my life after the exams. At least I have the summer to look forward to. Sweden, you better prepare yourself because I am coming and I am going to have the summer of my life.


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