The note fell out as I opened my locker before first period. It swirled around a little before softly landing on the ground, front side down. I bent down to pick it up and followed the clumsy text that covered the note, left to right.
"Happy Valentine's Day", it began with. Valentine's Day. A day that I felt nothing but pure hatred for. Who would be stupid enough to send this to me? I moved on to the next line and a small smirk replaced the frown on my lips as I read the rest. "Love from you-know-who."
Genius. He always knew what to do. I slid the note into the back pocket of my jeans and looked around me. He was nowhere in sight, but I knew he was lurking around at school grounds.
I kept my eyes open throughout the day, my guard constantly up in case he would show himself. He wasn't allowed on school grounds but, knowing him, I knew that he had his ways of coming around that if he really wanted to. 
It wasn't until right before last period that I got the feeling I was being watched. I recognized the feeling, and welcomed it back like a long-lost child. Without making a sound I swiftly vanished into the darker areas of school and became one with the shadows.
There he was. Standing a couple of meters in front of me, leaning casually against the wall like no troubles in the world could bother him. I started walking slowly towards him

"You know you're not supposed to be here."
He chuckled.
"Then how come it's so easy for me to be?"
I smiled and stopped, keeping my distance. Nothing good ever happened when he was in the neigbourhood, but the adrenaline rush just before that nothing good happened had become a drug for me.
"What made you come back?"

"And you expect me to just come running back to you whenever you feel like showing up?"
He chuckled again. "Yes."
I blushed and let out a soft laugh. "You know me so well."
He quickly took a few steps towards me, closing the distance between us. His hand went up to stroke my cheek and I shivered at the touch of his cold fingers against my face.
"Run away with me." His breath tickled my face and my eyes flit towards the ground for a quick second before my gaze met his again.
I put my hand behind his neck and leaned in to softly whisper in his ear. I could tell that he was getting goosebumps from my touch and couldn't help but love how powerful that made me feel.
He stepped back, a clear confusion in his face. "No?" he asked, not sure how to act.
Now it was my turn to carelessly lean against the wall with all the power in my hands. "Yes, that's what I said."
I walked up to him again and put my palm against his chest.
"I don't trust you enough yet to run away with you. I know that you are going to leave me again, and I'm just not ready for that."
With a light push I expanded the distance between us again and turned around to walk away.
"But... don't you love me?" I could hear the desperation in his voice, which for some reason put a smile on my face. I didn't even bother to turn around as I answered him.
"Feelings don't go away. But I need you to make an effort for me. I need to know that you really want me before I put myself out there for you again. I will always love you." I turned my head just slightly.
"You will always be in my heart, Voldemort."


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