Dear Past Me,
There is so much I want to tell you. I want to tell you about all the successes and challenges that you are about to go through, I want to tell you about all the memories that you are about to create so that you are able to fully appreciate them fully while they are still happening. But there is just too much and I think it's better to just let all these things surprise you.
I want to tell you about the heartbreaks that you will go through, and to tell you that the only thing you can do is to wipe away those tears. The boys who break your heart are not worth your sorrow, and you should save it for someone else. But I also want to tell you that it's okay to cry. You should never hold back if you're sad, and all those emotions you have bottled up should be let out. If someone makes you sad, tell them. If someone makes you happy, tell them that you are happy to have them in your life.
I want to tell you that you should never do anything out of peer pressure. Don't accept that cigarette at the party. Don't sleep with that guy just because you feel like you have to. Never do anything for other people, but do them for yourself. Be selfish to protect yourself, but don't forget to be selfless to the people who deserve it. 
When mom and dad say something, they are right 90% of the time. They have been through most of the things that you are going through, and they know. You need to make your own mistakes, but you can also learn something from other's mistakes.

Last, but not least, everything will be alright in the end. You will get through all of the challenges that you face with help from your loved ones but mostly on your own. And you know what? If something is not alright: it's not yet the end. You have a whole life to live, a world to experience. So make the most out of every day. 

Be kind and love yourself. See you next post. 


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