For this challenge, I actually decided to choose two people in particular who love me. I had difficulties choosing as I believe that I have a few people in my life who truly love me. But the two people it finally came down to were my parents. My parents are my heroes, my rocks, my everything. They have been there for me through everything that I have gone through, whether it be the confusion of a changing body, the first heartbreak and all those late night studying sessions. Never once have they really let me down, even though I unfortunately during my teenage years often believed that their sole purpose of existence was to ruin my life. I now know better than that, and I have understood that all the times that I thought they were going against me and everything I believed in, they were only doing what they thought was best for me. They're my parents, they would never do anything to deliberately hurt me. For that, I love them with all of my heart and I know that they love me to the moon and back. They have been through it all themselves, and now they are helping me get through it as well. Their love for me is endless, and with their love they have taught me to love myself as well.
Be kind and love yourself. See you next post.


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