This challenge was one that I found very hard. If I could describe myself with only one word, what would that word be? It's very hard to describe yourself, or anything, with one word, and I wanted to use a word that truly described me without only making me sound arrogant. So I asked for some help from two very close friends to describe me using only one word. The word that they decided to describe me with was good-natured, which is a word I agreed did describe me well.
When I think of the word good-natured I usually associate it with being kind, friendly and patient. Unfortunately, the patient part does not always fit in on me as I sometimes have a temper that's shorter than my current haircut. But that doesn't stop me from trying to improve that. I'm not flawless (even though I often claim I am), instead I embrace my flaws as a part of me. I am a working process, but I still think I am pretty darn good. Other than the working process of my patience towards becoming more good-natured, I like to believe that I am both kind and friendly. Don't see this as a weakness of mine though. Just because I am kind does not mean that I am weak and can't stand up to anyone. I can snap if someone is disrespectful, however I believe that the true way to make this world a better place is to be kind and respectful to those around you. How am I supposed to expect respect towards me if I can't show it to others?
Be kind and love yourself. See you next post.


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